The creative blasting power of Bomb Gallery will unfurl in the city centre of Mostar. Our objective is the deconstruction of the stereotypical structure which marks existing exhibition spaces and models. Geographically distant as well as conceptually different from all existing private galleries, commercial art fairs, institutions and museums, Bomb Gallery will strive to promote the idea of a free art space, in which we live, work and collaborate with a selection of artists from all over the word. We intend to include young, emerging artists pursuing unusual, controversial approaches. In order to qualify, artists should not only define their work in the abstract context of the global art discourse. Instead, we are looking for artists whose work is involved with and informed by the realities of the tangible around them. Their works should not provide definite answers but raise questions. In the best case, a free art space such as Bomb Gallery can make a decisive contribution to the creation of a future in which an open and unbiased spirit prevails on the Balkans and beyond . In the course of the process, the city of Mostar will demonstrate that it can be a source of impulses for both the local and the international scene, that it has the potential to be a platform for the arts, and that it can rise again to be the multicultural hub it once used to be.
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